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V. 2, N. 2 (2011) Eichmann a Gerusalemme: il processo, le polemiche, il persecutore, la banalità del male Abstract   PDF
Bethania Assy
V. 3, N. 1 (2012) Book Review of S. de Freitas Araújo, O projeto de uma psicologia científica em Wilhelm Wundt: uma nova interpretação Dettagli   PDF (English)   PDF
Richard Theisen Simanke
V. 3, N. 1 (2012) Training Analysis: A Historical View Abstract   PDF   PDF (English)
Marco Innamorati, Diego Sarracino
V. 3, N. 1 (2012) Morality and Psychopathic Criminals. Ethicocentrism, Mental Incapacity, Free Will, and the Fear of Decriminalization Abstract   PDF (English)   PDF
Lorenzo Magnani
V. 3, N. 2 (2012) Erfahrung und Wissen. Husserls Forschungen zum impliziten Wissen Abstract   PDF   PDF (English)
Martina Pluemacher
V. 4, N. 2 (2013) Broca and the General Language Faculty Abstract   PDF   PDF (English)
Grazia Basile
V. 4, N. 2 (2013) The “Other” Localization: XIX Century French Neurophysiological Models for the Seat of Musical Faculty in the Brain Abstract   PDF   PDF (English)
Mattia Della Rocca
V. 4, N. 2 (2013) Cortical Localization of Language and the "Birth" of Cognitive Neurosciences Abstract   PDF   PDF (English)
Carmela Morabito
V. 4, N. 2 (2013) From “Superorganic” to “Superorganismic”. A Possible Dialogue Between the Humanities and the Neurosciences on the (Model of) Language Abstract   PDF   PDF (English)
Antonio Perri
V. 5, N. 1 (2014) Systematic Knowledge Research. Rethinking Epistemology Abstract   PDF   PDF (English)
Günter Abel
V. 5, N. 2 (2014) Control, Attitudes de se and Immunity to Error Through Misidentification Abstract   PDF   PDF (English)
Gaetano Fiorin, Denis Delfitto
V. 5, N. 3 (2014) What is "Cultural-Historical Psychology"? Or: Activity Theory as Methodology Abstract   PDF   PDF (English)
Georg Rueckriem
V. 5, N. 3 (2014) Habits and Virtues: Does it Matter if a Leader Kicks a Dog? Abstract   PDF   PDF (English)
Joanne Ciulla
V. 6, N. 2 (2015) From Cradle to Internet. The Social Nature of Personal Identity Abstract   PDF (English)   PDF
Cristina Meini
V. 5, N. 3 (2014) A Short Journey Through the Unknown Life of Leadership Studies Abstract   PDF   PDF (English)
Antonio Marturano
V. 6, N. 1 (2015) Free Will and Empathy: Two Revealing Topics in Neuroethics Abstract   PDF   PDF (English)
Andrea Lavazza
V. 6, N. 1 (2015) Operationalizing and Measuring (a Kind of) Free Will (and Responsibility). Towards a New Framework for Psychology, Ethics, and Law Abstract   PDF   PDF (English)
Andrea Lavazza, Silvia Inglese
V. 6, N. 1 (2015) Naturalism and the Normative Domain: Accounting for Normativity with the Help of 18th Century Empathy-Sentimentalism Abstract   PDF   PDF (English)
Karsten R. Stueber
V. 6, N. 3 (2015) Time and Consciousness in Cognitive Naturalism Abstract   PDF (English)   PDF
Sandro Nannini
V. 6, N. 2 (2015) Self-experience in Dementia Abstract   PDF (English)   PDF
Michela Summa, Thomas Fuchs
V. 6, N. 2 (2015) Assistive Technologies Promoting the Experience of Self for People with Alzheimer’s Disease Abstract   PDF (English)   PDF
Andrea Bosco, Giulio Lancioni
V. 6, N. 2 (2015) From Internet to Posthuman Abstract   PDF (English)   PDF
Alberto Giovanni Biuso
V. 6, N. 2 (2015) Mentalization and Self-identity: Philosophical and Psychological Approaches Abstract   PDF (English)   PDF
Rossella Guerini, Massimo Marraffa
V. 6, N. 3 (2015) Time and Consciousness in Cognitive Naturalism: Four Questions Abstract   PDF (English)   PDF
Paolo Parrini
V. 6, N. 3 (2015) Analogies, Non-reductionism and Illusions Abstract   PDF (English)   PDF
Michele Di Francesco, Alfredo Tomasetta
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